Axminster Medical Group Completes Name Change

Axminster Medical Group has had an enduring legacy within the Los Angeles community. Established in 1961, Axminster joined Providence in 2012. After consolidating with two other medical groups in 2015, Axminster became Providence Medical Associates in 2015.

Throughout these transitions, why did the Axminster name continue to be used? In a word, contracting. HMO contracts were held in the Axminster name, with both commercial and Medicare plans. However, contracts are the only visibility the name has now. Recent research has shown there is some confusion about the Axminster name and the role it plays within Providence. So the decision was made to retire the Axminster name this year.

Why now? As a multi-state, multi-region entity, Providence is undergoing a significant branding effort to capitalize on the Providence name across all regions. Those medical group names that do not have broad public recognition or appeal are being retired. Axminster already has a strong alliance with the Providence name and low public visibility, so this is a natural progression.

“I joined Axminster directly out of training in 1992, and have spent my entire career as a physician with the group,” states Elizabeth Sander, M.D. “This organization is very dear to my heart, but it’s time to retire the name while continuing the great traditions of the group under the Providence banner. I couldn’t be prouder of how Axminster has developed in its relationship with Providence.”

Axminster Medical Group Completes Name Change

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