Do you want the doctor to see you now?

With some medical groups, it seems like it takes forever to get an appointment. But you have the right to not only choose your doctor, but a physician who can see you without delay. That’s the advantage of the Providence physicians you know and trust—we are here for you today and tomorrow, whenever you need us.

Our physicians care for patients from the Valley to Los Angeles, throughout the South Bay, and down to San Pedro. One of our family physicians says, “I love being a family medicine doctor. I treat everyone from adolescents to seniors and take care of patients throughout their lives. I love working with Providence because we provide excellent care to our patients, treating them with dignity and respect.  Providence is a faith-based organization that holds itself to very high ethical standards. We live up to our Providence promise every day: Know me, care for me, ease my way.”

Another Providence doctor believes in taking the time to get to know her patients. “I look at their background, lifestyle, work, family, and nutrition to build a complete picture and then focus on helping them achieve a healthy lifestyle,” she notes. I care deeply for each one of my patients as a whole person and their mind/body connection to health.” As a family medicine doctor, she treats all ages from late adolescents to older seniors in her practice. Our physicians are often residents of the communities we serve. This doctor notes, “I love being part of the community, treating some patients who are my neighbors.”

Our physicians care for the whole person. This Providence physician says he learned early on in medical school how important lifestyle is in preventing disease and injury. “I have an ongoing interest in preventive medicine that I call ‘Healthstyle.’ I know from research and practicing medicine that most major diseases can be prevented with a plant-based diet, regular exercise and reducing stress. I am especially engaged with underserved communities where diseases are more advanced because of lack of education, financial challenges, and neighborhoods that don’t promote healthy lifestyles. I work with my patients and their families to show them how to support one another and prevent unhealthy living cycles from repeating.”

Physicians like these are available now to see you and your family. It’s your choice.
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Do you want the doctor to see you now?

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