Vaccines and Immunizations Save Lives

There is a lot confusion about how vaccines actually work. “Vaccines work by helping your body produce natural antibiotics, called antibodies, to fight potentially deadly viruses and bacteria,” says Dr. Derek Williams. Vaccines are like superhero training for your immune system. While your own body can produce antibodies naturally, using vaccines to train your immune system before you become infected can strongly reduce the chances of serious illness. It is also important to note that some vaccines do not confer lifelong immunity and need to be repeated to restore  immunity. In fact certain vaccines, like for the flu and COVID, need to be administered at least annually to maintain optimal immunity.

What does this mean for you? There is overwhelming evidence that vaccines and immunizations save lives. To extend these life-saving benefits as broadly as possible to the American public, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) periodically sets an updated schedule of recommended adult immunizations.

Recommendations for Adults in 2023

Recommendations for Infants, Children, and Adolescents in 2023

As you would expect, the 2023 vaccination and immunization schedule for infants and children is quite different.  The vaccines are intended to protect against common diseases at an infant’s most vulnerable time of life. Updated guidelines in 2023 now recommend the following between birth and 15 months:

In addition:

Providence really cares about your health. Discuss your immunization status with your primary care provider at your next appointment or if you have questions now, contact your provider to learn more about which vaccines will best protect you.

Vaccines and Immunizations Save Lives

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